UK Film Festival Awards-7277.jpg

Fall 2019


Date: December 6th, doors open at 6:30pm

Where: Gatton Student Center Cinema

- free and open to the public

Spring 2019 UKY Film Festival Details

The Fall 2019 UKY Film Festival date and time TBT will take place in the new UK Student Center. Awards will be given at the conclusion of the screenings.  All submitted films will be reviewed by a selection committee. Accepted films will be forwarded to judges. Judges will consist of local video production professionals as well as UKY staff and faculty. All UKY students are welcome to submit their films! This event is free and open to the public.

Awards - Sponsored by: Courage Media

  • Audience Choice - Selected by the live viewing audience the night of the show

  • Best of Show - Awarded to the film with the highest combined judges scores

  • Honorable Mention - Favorite film determined by the selection committee

Submission Details - (Submissions opening in the FALL 2019)

  • Must be a currently enrolled student at UKY

  • All submissions must not exceed 10mins

  • Films of any genre will be considered (drama, comedy, action, adventure, horror, etc)

  • Express yourself creatively (please limit elements of gore, strong language, and sexuality)

  • Be Original (acquire all the necessary rights or licenses for materials in the film)

By entering your film, you agree to the following:

  • Submitter is a current UKY Student

  • You have acquired all necessary rights or licenses for material in the film.

  • You will provide the Festival with requested marketing and promotional materials including but not limited to a Film Poster, Headshots, short bios, and list of cast and crew.

  • The UKY Film Festival has the right to use all submissions for unlimited promotion, screenings, and a compilation products.

  • Member of cast or crew will be present at the time of the screening, to receive awards or accolades.